After high school, I wasn`t sure which direction to go in, and stuck around Toronto trying to break into the film industry, but ended up working in bars. A bad break up sent me to Montreal in search of escape, and I landed in the sweet Bishop Street apartment of my dear friends Shaun and Melissa, in the heart of the Quartier Concordia. I`ll never forget my first look at the imposing Henry F. Hall building with its brutalist architecture and functional steel and glass doors.

I knew early on I wanted to attend Concordia, to live in Montreal and speak french and make it my home. Concordia provided an incredible educational experience and opened me to a world of possibilities previously undreamed of in my 21 year old life, both academic and professional. I tried to give back to the community as best I could, during and after my studies, and benefitted from the support and encouragement of wise and compassionate teachers and advisors.


2004 – 2006

How About A Fair Trade

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory

Renewable Energy Seminars

Energy Independence Day

Fossil Fools Day


Spring Into Gear

Timebomb (Buy Nothing Day)


Board of Directors

Food Systems Project

Huggy the Muggy

Concordia Eats

Turnip The Beet

The Hive Cafe

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