Plan Z

Plan Z Installation, Spring 2011

Plan Z Installation, Spring 2011

In 2010, I received a grant from the Sustainability Action Fund to explore the history, mechanical systems and building composition of Annex Z, the building housing Sustainable Concordia and the Multi-faith Chaplaincy. I recruited Stephen Faust, a graduate of the University of Manitoba’s Architecture program and a new transplant to Montreal, to work with me on the project. We completed an inventory of the building’s materials and mechanical systems, and Stephen drafted plans of the building. An exhibition, curated by Bronwen Moen, was held in the Sustainable Concordia gallery, and a day long design charette was held on April 1st to present the findings and stimulate a collective re-imagining of the space. Finally, post-project, members of the organizations worked to revamp the office’s second floor back balcony to make it a more engaging space.

Details of the project can be viewed on Stephen’s website here.

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