Friendship Garden

Welcome to the Friendship Garden

Welcome to the Friendship Garden

The Friendship Garden was built in spring 2009 to create a welcoming space for friends and visitors to the House of Friendship. Over two weekends in May and June 75+ volunteers dug up two containers full of asphalt and concrete and installed a multi-level terrace garden with integrated benches. The Friendship Garden was made possible with the financial contribution of the Caisse Desjardins Portuguese de Montréal and Soverdi (the Montreal Société de Verdissement), the hard work of a core group of volunteers: Alexandra Coelho (Project Management and Co-Dreamer-Upper), Kimm Fuller (Team Motivation, DJ and Tasty Treat Provider), Sarah Wilson (Botanist and Garden Designer Extraordinaire), Claude Cornoyer (Architecture Design and Plans), Aaron Reaume (Architectural Design and Woodwork), and David Abramson (Woodwork and Team Management), and the willing hands and open hearts of more than 75 neighbours, friends and passers-by, and recent grads from Aaron`s cabinet making program.

Spacing Montreal did a short article on the project, which was cool. We love Spacing!

The Montreal Gazette also did a piece on the garden but it has been lost to eternity. The author said Joni Mitchell would be happy, which pretty much made our year, and we hope she’ll visit us sometime!

Aaron wrote a blog post on the woodwork methods utilized in the creation of the garden.

Depave, a project out of Portland, Oregon, helped us figure out the challenge of removing asphalt (which turned out to be surprisingly easy and incredibly fun – let us know if you want to dig up a patch!)

Alexandra created a list of the beneficial environmental functions and features of the garden… one day it will be posted!

Alain Thibault (Indiefotog) created an incredible stop motion video that shows the transformation of the lot, and had a forbidden soundtrack designed by Kimm Fuller:

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